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If you read the Wheel of Time series, then you do not need an explanation. If you've missed this marvel of a fantasy, go check out The Wheel of Time Resource Page - probably the most comprehensive WOT info page there is.

But seriously and shortly (qualities very alien to me) The Wheel Of Time is series of fantasy books and in my _veeery_ humble opinion, it's about the same level (though not quite) as The Lord Of The Rings by magnificent Tolkien. 'Xcept it's more... uh, modern, I guess, and action-packed. And the characters are extremely lively and believable.

At any rate, the more real the characters were to me, the more I wanted to draw them. Thus, the results are as follows:


Of course, being a fashion designer that I am, and given Jordan's love to detailed descriptions of various folks' styles and fashions, creation of following drawings was inevitable. The world was doomed, in other words, to see those, ahem, lovely designs of mine based on WOT.

Altara (Ebou Dar)
Arad Doman
Sea Folk
Arad Doman
Almoth Plain

You can find more WOT fashions at

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