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Welcome to a place where reality perishes and my feverish mind rejoices giggling happily. Where my numerous multiple personalities thrive, and all serious stuff is outlawed.
If you are still reading this.... well, you were forewarned. In fact, it's not that bad. And the doctor said there is still hope for me. Nah, just kidding. I'm hopeless.
But enough of senseless talk, let's move on to.... well, some more senseless talk.

One thing about me is, I cannot decide what form I should stay in - elfin or human. So I change all the time.
Anyway. As usual, to see pictures in all their glory, (yep, you guessed!) click on thumbnails.

Me and Gollum (of The Lord of the Rings). A happy couple. It was a mistake on Gollum's part, actually. You see, he completely lost whatever marbles he still had, and mistook my Serpent Ring for The One Ring. Now, before WOT devotees start screaming, Moiraine gave it to me as a good-bye gift on condition that I never wear it in Randland.
My first encounter with Nynaeve (of WOT). How was I supposed to know that she finds it infuriating when people wear bell-bottoms and cropped tees? Then again, I shoulda known better.
This one is dedicated to my bestest guyfriends, Salman The Fashion Designer and Igor The Computer Guy. I love you guys, you're the best (even though you wouldn't notice it if one fine day I sprouted pointed ears...
What can I say. Luse (Lusiphur of Poison Elves) was as polite and logical as usual the last time I saw him. :) Drew, the copyright for Luse is yours, don't call the demons on me, please, and don't make me listen to... um... what was that? some country music?
Once I run into Mulder and Scully. Gawd, scared the wits out of me! All the two molecules I had, anyway. No, seriously, what if they did capture me? How would you like to be dissected?
As if Gollum wasn't enough, I just had to run into a Myrdraal while wandering in Randland. Now, lemme tell you, I really hate Myrdraals. They give me creeps. And they are really annoying with the way they won't admit they're dead.
I swear I'm not making this up! Eomer did turn away from that buxom beauty to flirt with me.
As we all know, looking into palantir may induce dizziness and overall loss of conscience in hobbits. However, me, being a XX century human, and having been exposed to TV ever since.... a long time ago, was able to endure and preserve. Here, Gandalf examines Pippin, I believe, while I am looking into palantir. I think they were showing the weather forecast. Y'know, cold front moving in from the East....
Apparently, Middle Earth elves do not like Nirvana very much. At least not in my rendition...... And I thought About a Girl was a nice one.....

Luse is just not a morning person. Well, then again, he's not an evening person, either. But I think he was being slightly more unreasonable than usual yelling at me like that.
Ok, I've never really been to Star Trek universe before, but then one very nice California dude ;) had asked me to go visit it sometime, so I did. Weeeell, llittle did I know. They all seemed to think I was some sort of vulcan, and NO one seemed to understand the word 'elf'. In the end I just exploded after some bald guy had refered to me as 'vulcan child'.

<a thought> I wonder how many trekies will go after my throat after reading my oh-so-disrespectful blurb ;)
I don't mind Kitiara (Dragonlance) being a villan so much, but why the hell did she have to lie that she didn't recognize Sturm until the moment she killed him. I'll believe that when I grow a third ear and get a job in Microsoft, Inc. as chief bug installer.
So I yelled at her. Really yelled.

BTW, this is the only installation of 'Squashed between Universes' that has no gigle quality. If you giggled, there's something wrong with you.
Jeepers, who knew that Raist (Dragonlance) reacts so violently when anyone mentions his cough? Well, I didn't, anyhow, and it's in my quirky nature to carry Advil(tm) pills around with me, sooo...

Fizban (Dragonlance) can be very frustrating, you know... I mean, Tas got so tired that time, he doesn't even look like himself much!
Ok, Ryan is my wonderful friend and a very happy person all around. People need just hang around him for a couple of minutes to cheer up. Anyhow, I did this drawing to cheer him up, since he was working on his senior project, which was to build a helicopter (not full scale, thank goodness). Apparently, the models kept crashing.
Never, ever go to the same bar as Lusiphur... Public is vile, the drinks are... well... undrinkable for such a frail creature as mys'elf...
Ahem, well... I have a very charming friend Dennis. He's a vampire, though. That may entail certain difficulites... But he's very charming ^_^
At Elfwood the glorious art gallery for amateur artists there is a wonderful artist Felix Lavalle, one of whose creations is Nitrine, a spiffy troll girl, who is about as amorous as mys'elf. Wow, that was a nice long sentence, wasn't it?
Somewhere, in the depths of the Great Net, there is a nifty comic strip by the name of 'Sluggy Freelance'. It has GOT to be one of the funniest comics that I've come across. It won't be able to go mainstream, mostly because it has too many references to fantasy/sci-fi subculture, so that the a-dolts (not to be confused with 'adults') will not get. Anyhow. Go find the Sluggy ( and get addicted. I did. Riff is one of the characters; he's an inventor of various weird things like transdimentional er... something... Oh, for those who may have wondered - ElfQuestrian elves are smaller then humans, but that doesn't mean their mentality and physique is infantile. BTW, Riff probably wouldn't know what 'infantile' means...
Ahem. Technically, it's one of my 'squished' pictures. However, the event that inspired me to draw this, was my realization that a certain guy is a bimbo-prefering jerk. Anyhow. The knight supposedly bears resemblance to the aforementioned guy. Actually, I'm particularly proud of the horse. And the dragon... Would I go to such detail if I wasn't pouting? Hmmm... not so sure ^-^
I love stories by Stanislav Lem, a Polish sci-fi writer... Although I really cannot put such a label on him. He actually writes philosophical parables, from the point of view of robotic society. I won't go into fine points of Lem's genius, but one thing about the robots is that to them, humanoid bodies seem kinda gross, with all the mushy stuff that constitutes them, and the food we must eat is just... well... just imagine yourself a shiny metal being...
It's really hard to tell from the first impression what the world I just got squished into is going to be like. As a matter of fact, it's really hard to tell from the second glance as well.
I love hanging out with Lestat - we have similar interests, we both love the same people (for example, we both love Lestat). But I really must watch what I say when he's around.
Even though vampires have no taste for human food or drink (when they 'go out for a drink' you don't normally want to be around), they still will hang out at coffee houses and such. It's all very nice, until they decide to be funny. Some waiters just don't appreciate those jokes. A yet another episode of my "Dennis and Louis" saga.
Being someone's muse can be taxing. You just never know what an artist may decide to draw next. Well, to tell the truth, this is not a very accurate drawing - Dennis would actually LOVE me to draw him and Louis in a... er... interesting pose, but I guess I'm still on the funny wavelength.
If you thought Kiki of Sluggy Freelance has an attention deficit disorder (who says it's a disorder, anyway?), think about a certain elf.... and the obstacles that we have to overcome in our conversations... Oooh, what's that button do?

If you think you have a place for me to visit, (excluding an obvious certain institution), just send the word. If I go there, you'll see it here.

Disclaimer: The Lord of the Ring characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien, The Wheel Of Time characters belong to R. Jordan, Poison Elves character belongs to D. Hayes, X-Files characters belong to C. Carter (although the faces belong to Duchovny and Anderson ;) ), Star Trek belongs to whoever created it, Dragonlance also belongs to a whole bunch of people, so I heard, and my adorable elfin self is inspired by ElfQuest, which belongs to Pini family.

All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

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