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Not your usual inspirational music...

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm a music addict... Well, I am, really. I cannot exist without music (and M&M's, but that's another matter). I must listen to it day and night, and also, I probably wouldn't create 60% of my music were it not for the music I am listening to. Some of my art, however, was especially inspired by a certain song or a team, and therefore I proudly present Gallery of Inspiration... Or something...


Alright, stop asking, 'oh, so what's VAST and where do I get the last Kula Shaker's CD?' Go to and find for yourself. They have it. I checked.


All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

Faery Land My PixiesGoth Art - needs no explanation, I think. If it does, you're not the right person to look at itThe Wheel of Time Art -portraits of my favorite characters and folk fashions.ElfQuest-inspired art. Art inspired by various musicFantasy Characters - portraits I did for various people, as well as portraits of characters, such as Galadriel or Raistlin.Characters Up for Grabs - yep, these are kinda generic portraits that you can use for your RPG - just ask firstStories - concept sketches of story ideas in my head, as well as stories by other people.General Fantasy Art.PhotographyReality Lapse - twisted page where weird things happen. Opinions
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