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ElfLore Art Gallery


I suppose you came here in search for fantasy art. Or maybe you just clicked the wrong button. Anyway.
This is a second incarnation of my site, and this time it is a bit more personal and, hopefully, classier.

I'm an elf.
By the term 'elf' I, naturally, do not mean 'Santa's wretched helper', but a proud, spunky and spiffy creature. I love nature and have this weirdly strong respect for life, although death does not scare me. I'm short, comparatively big-eyed, and crazy by human standards. I love music and dancing. I love creating things, images, and moods.
Most of what I care to show to other people is on this site - go wander if you feel like it.

My current obsessions are:
Messenger Bikers.
My pet Faux Fur Ferret.
Everybody loves my ferret! I made it when I was supposed to be working.
Finding a Job.
Anyone need any fashion design assistants/fashion designers/illustrators?

Added a bunch of images to Reality Lapse, Characters, Miscelaneous, Inspired.
Wheel of Time, Fae, Stories, Goth
each got about one or two images added.
Fantasy Persons
got two new versions of same ol' characters.

Whoo-hoo! I finally remembered to add my e-mail address to my site...


Feel Free to contact me at

All images on this site are Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.
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