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I'm not a dark suicidal person. I don't wear black eye-liner or fishnet stockings. But there is a darkness that lives inside of me, that feeds my artistic talent. I wouldn't be an artist that I am without that darkness, for there is no good without evil, and perfection is stagnant.

"... I didn't really love you, baby,
I didn't really love you,
but you're pretty when you cry..."
Inspired, in a great deal, by Massive Attack's "Tear".
Massive Attack just seems to inspire me a lot. This one was 'soundtracked' by "Angel"

Subconscious art. Have no idea why Dave Gaham is in this one... Go figure, really.
For some reason I just love this one.

Rrramm!!! Stein!!!!... Well, something like that, anyway.

I think it's a disturbing shot....

One of my strongest influences in goth (that, in fact, kindled my fascination with all things goth) is Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles". I never seemed to like her witch stories, but vampires.... ah, vampires are another matter. So sensual, so intense, and so remote... And Lestat.... There is a book by a Russian writer Lermontov called "Hero of Our Time". Well, Lestat is, perhaps, an anti-hero of our time, although his heroism or antiheroism is arguable.
It was only expected that eventually I try to draw my favorite prenatural beings. However I never truly tried to draw Lestat until recently, because I am convinced that Tom Criuse was perfect as Brat Prince in the "Interview with the Vampire" movie. And not only physically, but also I think he has captured Lestat's spirit, more so, that is, than any other actor in the movie did. However, do not expect to see Brad Pitt or Banderas in these drawings, for although I appresiate Brad's work, (and, I must confess, his beauty) he has never seemed as Louis to me. As for Banderas guy, well, although he did his best - I'm sure - he didn't quite pull off the task of portraying Armand.
Enough said, however.

Armand 1
* I cannot quite capture Armand's spirit in my drawings, so I keep trying. For some reason he always looks slightly angry, pehaps at me, for my unability to draw him well.  
* I'm not fond of Akasha at all, but decided to draw her anyway.

And finally, lo! and behold: The Vampire Lestat, here by popular demand. And here I thought drawing Armand was hard. Drawing Lestat is near impossible, even thought I ~know~ exactly what he looks like. Do you detect more than a touch of Tom here? Well. as I said, I think Cruise is the embodiment of Lestat for me personally. It might not be true for you. But then again, kind web surfer, it _is_ my page.

All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

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