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Seeing how I love drawing people and portraits and fashions, is that so much of a surprise that people ask me sometimes to draw their RP characters? However, I am apparently so egotistical that I cannot draw anything just for the heck of it. I either need to get paid, or the character has to have something utterly irresistible about them, be it some crazy challenge (but not of the likes of "two millions different weapons that he carries with him at all times" or "this crazily patterned dress that she likes") or some quirk of nature.
Here are the portraits that are fine examples of such instances.

I am proud of this work the most, actually. It was my highest-paid job as well. Coincidence? I'm afraid not. What can I say? I'm jaded.
Anyhow, Mordant Azaneal Antanas, as his description goes, is a Marshall of Morassi within the Sultanate of Southfist, and Adherent of Humility within the Monks of Bravoll... Only son of a prominent family within the Empire... made a pilgrimage to the darklands some twenty years ago... returned wearing the plain robes of a Monk... a fanatic about religion, [but] one must keep in mind he is a quiet zealot, more prone to long-winded discussions of matters theological than hot-blooded crusade... known to be a firm believer in law and order...
I don't remember who I did Allessandra for, but I remember that the word that really made me want to draw her was "elegant". Also, I believe, she was one 'dark-haired' request after a string of "red-haired vixens". Don't get me wrong - I love red hair, I wish my hair would get just a bit redder, but GAWDS! Perhaps 70% of the requests that I get are of red-haired, green-eyed, gorgeous-looking gals.
Cool.One is a rather queer fellow. But VERY stylish and elegant, as far as I can gather. It is never clear as to what gender Cool.One is, and that was the main challenge. Also, the rose carved from ice, that I was "presented" (virtually) with, had something to do with my decision to do this .One.
Well, that's me. If ever I do any kind of RP or writing, that's how my character looks. It's not two different people, but rather, two sides of one.
This one I did because I thought the request sounded SO KEWL! The girl specifically said that the character was NOT to be pretty or cute. There was also a dragon emblem to be painted on her helm, but that was secondary. I am so fed up with "ravishing", "beautiful", and "stunning" lasses...
This gal by name of Melina was earning her living as a fine thief when most of us were going to middle school. Got guts?
Juniper is an ElfQuest type of elf, which is always a good thing, for I have a weakness for EQ. And the weirdest thing is, I meant to draw her differently, but she kinda took control, and I was like, whatever, and the girl I drew this for said that it looked almost exactly like her in reality. Well, sometimes you need to let your drawings do whatever they want to....
These two were among my first drawings for other people. They're EQ-type elves. Um, duh!
This one is not exactly a character portrait. It was done for one of my friends, Nancy, who thinks of herself as a tree. It's not as if she tries to shed leaves in the autumn, or bear fruit or anything, but... she really is a tree in a sense.
Um, well, this guy was in my photo class, and we got to talking one fume-filled afternoon in the photo lab, and it turned out that he was an RPG nut. <shrugs>
This one is a good example of one thing changing my mind. Her name is Karis. Even though she's supposed to be an elf, her ears are round, which is SUCH a turn-of, seriously. However, she still is an EQ elf, and she wears a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit, you hear?

Sometimes, just sometimes, I draw a random character from a book.
Legolas of The Lord Of The Rings.
Galadriel of The Lord Of The Rings.
Raistlin the Mage of Dragonlance.

All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

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