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Normal people get visited by other normal people. I, on the other hand, am regularly visited by various obscure characters. Now, what am I supposed to do with them all? I cannot write, I do not role-play... So if you are looking for a portrait for your character, and suddenly discover that a portrait from this page is, in fact, what you've been looking for, or if you (unexplainably) get inspired by one of these here, please, kindly ask me for permission. I'll most likely say yes, but I just think that asking is a nice-mannered way.

Please do not separate these two dudes. They sauntered into my mind one fine day, and decided they liked it there. Wood maiden. Must have her wolves with her at all times. She's sooooo coquettish, it's not even funny! Good with her sword, too. Simply a Renaissance-inspired costume with some girl inside of it. Uh, well... Or something...

Easy-breasy long legged elf. ...And a maiden to match. ElfQuest-inspired brat. ElfQuest-inspired elf.

Elfy. Well, actually, she's a healer. Very quiet, yet self-assured. Ummm.... a mermaid? Just to prove that I can do sci-fi, as well. Well, that really wasn't the reason I drew her, but she told me to say the above-uttered.

They dance tango in space... This actually could be a very involved story about some secret agency with these two as lead agents... or something... Yesh... This is full-figure of one of the agents... Basically, a practice in Photoshop and playing around with various filters and plug-ins.

All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

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