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My house is choke-full of pixies. I mean, they are everywhere.
While faeries tend to be above messing up my life, and are generally nice fae to chat with, pixies delight in causing mischief and confusion. Well, actually, sometimes they don't even think about making a mess, but it happens anyway.
They run smack into things, they chase each other around people's legs, they steal candy.... Sometimes, they decide to show me who's the boss (the boss, naturally, being them).
They're not evil, just brainless.
You possibly think that I am going to get in trouble with my pixies if they ever read all this. Guess what? They are reading this as I type, and they are increadibly proud. They consider us, humans, silly, because we bother thinking, and, as a result, we have all those stupid things, such as weapons, computers, teapots... No, wait, they told me to scratch the teapots - they actually are rather fond of those. Don't ask me why - they get burned on them all the time. They do love tea, though. Anyway.

My pixies decided that since I didn't get a guardian angel (something about me being an atheist), it is their sacred mission to be my guardian pixies. As you realize, I am still alive, but sometimes I have to wonder how in the world. I guess, their five-second attention span is to blame.
When I draw, my pixies like to watch me. Some of them are genuinly puzzled by the images appearing on paper out of nothing, and some are very sure that it's by their efforts do I draw so well. Sometimes they come in the morning and spill my tea. And people yell at me, because they think I'm not awake. But I am! It's true! Another proof that my pixies really help me (or try to) rather than the opposite - during one particularly boggling semester they tried to keep me awake so I could finish work on time. Thanksh, dudes! I sometimes think that my life is like a really big ball of yarn. Subsequently, my pixies really like playing with yarns. Coinsidence? I think not.

Pixies interact with anyhting and anyone they meet, and since they are generally gleeful creatures and sionce their attention is well, not their strongest feature, they don't remember mean things, and therefore are immensely friendly to everyone (unless they decide to be tough).
...They try to discipline pets all the time, and never mind that the pet is bigger than them. The only one who my pixies ever obeyed is our house 'domovoy' (fae who helps with house chores and sometimes does queer things). Anyhow, for some reason pixies listen to what he says, and if he forbids something, as much as they are vexed, they won't go against him. As I said, sometimes one of them decides that the presence of a lowly human (me) is insulting to pixie-dom. Lucky for me, they have attention span of 5 seconds. Flower fae really should know better, but they are so naiive and let pixies involve them into all sorts of things. I don't like where this one's going at all. But I cannot involve myself into fae affairs, because it's such a touchy business - human politics don't even begin to compare. It's weird, actually, how such careless creatures can remember such complex etiquette.

It's not even funny how many candies they stole already... If you ask a pixie (granted you can hold its attention long enough) why did it soak the poor sleeper, the answer will be, "What do you mean, why?" They just don't think about reasons. This is what happens when a human sneezes and there are pixies nearby. Who probably tickled that human till he sneezed in the first place. One of our pixies' favorite games is "chase the strawberry". What they do is they get a strawberry and run around with it. Some get knocked off their feet. They don't mind. Sometimes the one with the strawberry gets behind the chasers. They don't seem to mind either.

They absolutely love music (just as me), and they will groove to it forever.
For some obscure reason they get the greatest kick out of Listen song by Collective Soul. It's unexplainable. I mean, it's not even my most favorite song! Apparently, they have their own opinion about it. Our (mine and my pixies') darlings are Eiffel 65. We saw the Y2K enter with that album in the stereo. I hope our year is just as easy and careless as E65's music. You haven't seen anything in this life until you saw pixies dancing to Kula Shaker's music, and them being sincere about it. Truly a mind-boggling sight... I mean, those dudes are sincere about nothing!

All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

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