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Even though I'm not Irish, I have great respect for Fae. They rule my life, to an extent, and sometimes leave me completely exhausted, after teasing me for hours, giving me just a glimmer of inspiration, only to take it away. But then, sometimes they just pile and pile inspiration upon my poor head...

My Faery of Darkness, Faery Of Depression. That is how I always see her.... I had a wonderful dream, and when I woke up, all I could remember was its beauty. So I tried to sketch it. And she appeared...
I don't normally watch fae lovers. Not that they mind watchers, of course, but I don't think it is proper. A sketch I did at work, while no one was looking. With very bad markers.
When I was a child, I had a book of Ural Mountain Legends. Ural Mts. used to be a very important source of precious stones back in the days, and there was this Mistress of Copper Mountain, who was patron of all the poor folk - miners, jewel makers (yeah, most were actually poor in Tsarist Russia), their children (especially young girls). Sometimes she would like particular master so much, she'd take him with her into Copper Mountain. And this is a digital photography version of Mistress Of Copper Mountain. Her stone was malachite (coincidentally, my favorite stone), and she sometimes turns into a small green lizard. So, if you ever go to Ural Mountains, try not to harm any lizards you might come across.
Ok, I think many people would agree that Tori Amos is a faery. I mean, just look at her or listen to her songs. So one fine day I was drawing Tori as a faery, and well, Gillian Anderson just kinda appeared right after Tori.

So I thought, well, there must be a reason she did that. And then it hit me - Tori is of Earth and Air (the opposites), just as Gillian is of Fire and Ice (Water) (also opposites), and together they complete the Four Forces. Crazy, huh?
This fae simply wouldn't tell me what it was, untill, that is, it rained. And I saw that it was a faery of rain. Colored version of the rain faery.
Epona, Celtic Goddess. <shrugs> Still, a Fae. I don't claim to understand Fae Folk... You should not try to, either...
It is amazing what one can do with an old trusty Cannon... The only digital part is the fae and her trail.

All Images Copy-Right Tanya Kozik.

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